Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) & SIL

  • SIL training and guidance for a major design and construction company.
  • SIL assessments across the entire manufacturing processes for the Irish site of a prominent international chemicals manufacturer. Consolidation and elimination of SIFs with significant capital savings.
  • LOPA for various scenarios associated with a chemical synthesis process, including: thermal decomposition of an unstable material, overcharge and runaway reaction.
  • LOPA for toxic gas release scenarios for the Irish subsidiary of a pharmaceutical company.
  • SIL verification calculations for the safety interlocks on a vent collection and thermal oxidation system.
  • LOPA programme for a new chemical synthesis process involving grignard reagents. Over 70 scenarios studied included; internal VCE following filter disassembly and spillage of hot solvent; agitator failure and restart during addition controlled reaction; reverse charging of materials leading to explosion etc.
  • LOPA on 13 scenarios of concern in a fine chemical manufacturing facility.
  • Guidance on optimal SIF architecture with SIL verification calculations for proposed solutions.
  • LOPA/SIL study on major upgrade to mineral processing facility.
  • LOPA review of 50+ major accident scenarios for a new process involving runaway reaction and thermal decomposition hazards.
  • Review of Safety Integrity (SIL) methodology and practice on behalf of a major pharmaceutical facility. Proposed revision of SIL methodology to ensure greater consistency with the HAZOP process.
  • LOPA and SIL allocation study on scenarios involving thermally unstable materials and exothermic reactions.
  • LOPA study of scenarios involving vapour cloud explosions and reaction runaways
  • LOPA study on a Grignard process with scenarios involving significant exotherms and gas evolution.
  • LOPA study for scenarios involving explosive thermal decomposition during distillation.
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