Preliminary Hazard Reviews

We add significant value by identifying hazards as early as possible in the design process.

Also known as Hazard Studies 1 & 2 per IChemE, these reviews allow us to eliminate or mitigate hazards while large changes to the design concept are still possible:

  1. Identify opportunities for inherent safety and ‘designing-out’ the hazards.
  2. Ensure that the proposed siting of the project is appropriate.
  3. Identify major hazards and safety issues.
  4. Agree safeguards so that these can be integrated into the design and capital estimate at an early stage. Where feasible, SIFs (i.e. SIL) can be provisionally assigned.
  5. Where the project involves a new facility or building, address spatially related hazards and safeguards (e.g. ventilation, bunding & retention, drainage, sprinklers, fire walls, alarms, emergency response etc.)
  6. Where a project involves reactions and reactive materials, address typical reaction scenarios (e.g. over/undercharge of reactants, undercharge of solvents, missing reactant, accumulation, loss of agitation etc.). Determine additional testing requirements based on same.

Our experience indicates that these reviews lead to safer and cheaper designs, as well as saving time in the following HAZOP studies.

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