We generate Safety Reports including:

  1. Consequence Modelling using ALOHA, TNT and other methodologies
  2. Demonstration of tolerable risk by means of LOPA and Fault Tree Analysis

Further Guidance on Layer of Protection Analysis

CCPS Guidelines for initiating eventsHot on the heels of the previous 2014 update volume comes ‘Guidelines for Initiating Events and Independent Protection Layers in Layer of Protection Analysis‘ in 2015.

Main Points:

  • Credit can now be taken for non – return valves.
  • There are many more initiating event frequencies e.g hose failures, etc.
  • Many more PFDs for IPLs e.g explosion panels, restricted orifices, etc.

New Revision of IChemE ‘HAZOP Guide to Best Practice’

Hazop guide to best practise

New Third Edition of this Process Safety classic containing significant updates on this continuously developing area. New or improved sections on

  • procedural-type HAZOPs (of great interest to industries involved in batch processing such as drug manufacture and fine chemicals)
  • Linkage of HAZOP Studies to LOPA
  • Human Factors

Our thanks and gratitude to Frank Crawley and Brian Tyler for their continuing work.